Our firm's approach to building projects is rooted in our deep appreciation of the visual and design arts. We believe that buildings and interiors should express a unique creative vision—of client and designer—and a mastery of materials. Ultimately though, architecture exists to be lived in, worked in and moved through, so we pay a great deal of attention to functionality, from small details to larger considerations of context and impact on the environment.

HS2 Architecture (Thomas W. Hut Architect PLLC) works on a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional projects. Our highly collaborative style of working with clients enables us to fully understand what they want and need. We listen carefully, give feedback, consider diverse points of view and build consensus. Only when everyone is on board, committed and excited to begin building, do we move a project forward.

Our strong relationships with contractors, vendors and the building trades help us to bring in projects of all sizes and complexity on time and on budget. When field conditions or a client determine a change of course, we are careful to communicate the cost, time and design implications so that there are no surprises. All projects, regardless of budget or scale, receive the same high level of creativity, professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

While we are most interested in re-interpreting modernism through our unique aesthetic and materials choices, we have very successfully partnered with designers and artists to interpret their visions as well. This includes working with landmarked buildings and projects with strong historical references.
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Jane's ability to craft creative solutions within practical constraints has provided our clients with expert guidance on projects ranging from high end residential projects to large scale interior office renovations. Jane received her Masters of Architecture from Columbia University (1991) and a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from Alfred University (1976). In 2002 Jane was selected a fellow for the Coro Leadership New York XIV, a program designed to explore major policy issues concerning New York City. As a contributor to Art Works Projects, Art and Design for Human Rights, Jane has been involved in the design of exhibitions that have traveled world promoting such organizations as Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders and Save Darfur.



A registered architect since 1980, Tom has more than thirty years of professional practice and construction experience on both small and large-scale construction projects. Holding a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University (1980) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College (1974), Tom has led the design of some of the firm's largest projects in landmarked districts both in New York City and elsewhere. Tom worked with the Guggenheim Museum on their museum projects in New York City both in Soho and in the Frank Lloyd Wright building uptown, and on the design and construction of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. A member of the South Orange, NJ Planning Board, Tom is also active on the Design Committee of Main Street South Orange and is a LEED AP (accredited professional).
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